Design Facilitation 2

Attend for S$375 – S$450


Design thinking sounds amazing in theory, but if you have experienced facilitating a design process, you can attest to how messy it can be in practice!

How does a facilitator truly help bring people from diverse backgrounds together? Often, when different worldviews collide, power dynamics come to play, tensions build, relationships strain and challenging behaviours arise. It is part of a facilitator’s job to hold space for conversations amidst such complexity.

This is a hands-on workshop that delves into the messiness of design facilitation, offering you a safe space to learn how to be a better facilitator through guided practice. This workshop will build on basics covered in Design Facilitation 1, and cover advanced topics like managing power dynamics, tension, challenging behaviours and facilitating design critique in a manner that fosters conversation.

What You’ll Learn

  1. Handling power dynamics within a group
  2. Handling tension and challenging behaviours
  3. How to run a design critique session
  4. Learn framing techniques and how they improve your design facilitation
  5. Facilitate team learning

This is for you if…

  • You have about 3-5 years in design facilitation by learning on-the-job and want more rigour in it.
  • You want to deepen your learning after covering the basic facilitation frameworks in Design Facilitation 1.
  • You want to better understand disruptive behaviours and effective strategies to address them.
  • You want to learn best practices in running design critiques.
  • You wish to practice your design facilitation skills in a safe and conducive learning environment.
21-23 Feb 2022 (In-person)
UX Design Workshops
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