Visual Design Fundamentals Workshop

Attend for $60


The goal of visual design is to communicate a specific message to a target audience and optimise user experience. Through the intentional and aesthetic manipulation of elements, one is able to influence and inspire. Color theory, layout and typography are among the many areas covered in this course, as well as common practices, such as creative briefs and approval processes.

By mastering the basic principles of design, you can be confident in leveraging your creativity and effort to create effective work.


  • A vocabulary for critique and communicating visual problems and solutions.
  • A toolkit for exploration while starting new projects.
  • Understand the purpose of visual design and the value it brings to the overall experience
  • Provide a background of key visual design elements and components
  • Start to identify aspects that make certain UI work (or not work)
  • Learn how to look at UI through a more critical lens


  • This class is for UX Designers looking to get more of a background on Visual Design, Digital Marketers interested in learning visual design essentials to create their own ads and marketing collateral and professionals interested in learning more about the fundamentals of visual design.
  • This workshop will be completely live and online. In preparation, please download Zoom.

NOTE: this class will not be recorded, however, slides will be sent within 7 days following the session.  If you have any questions please reach out to

19 Sep 2022 (Online)
UX Design Workshops
Visual Design
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