Making It Count: How to Measure the ROI of your UX Project


Contrary to common beliefs, the effectiveness of User experience (UX), just like any other business process, can be measured. The impact of investment in UX is highly quantifiable. According to PWC, when UX is done right, your investment return rate can rise to as high as 301%.

Knowing how to measure and present the return on investment (ROI) on UX efforts is key to demonstrating the value of a good UX project. By proving how your design changes can impact business goals, you can make a compelling business case for the organisation. The question is: how do you measure the ROI of your UX project?

Join our panel of UX experts as they discuss what ROIs of UX consist of and some common metrics to get started on determining the ROIs of your UX projects. Learn how to work collaboratively with business leaders and other functions to determine and consistently improve UX's ROI.

1 Nov 2021 (Online)
UX Design Talks
Data & Analytics, Business
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