Looking Ahead: The State of UX in 2022


Good user experience drives action. From making a purchase to leaving the website, it is a pivotal factor in influencing a consumer’s decision. As consumers spend more time online, it is imperative for organisations to understand the continued importance of great UX.

Analysing and predicting design trends in advance is key to future growth and consumer retention. To meet the evolving needs of the consumers today and in the future, organisations need to keep up with the new UX trends that are emerging and keep people engaged in times of social change.

Learn from our panel of UX experts as they bring us through why UX should have a seat at the decision-making table, the new and improved UX designs that are keeping people interested, and upgraded skills that UX designers should equip themselves with to stay competitive and design effectively in 2022.

15 Nov 2021 (Online)
UX Design Talks
UX Design
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