Career Success #11: Going From Internship to Full-Time Designers


ADPList Genius Hours: Career Success Edition is where design mentors come together to provide tips and insights into the how-to's and what should I do's of building and maintaining a successful career that aligns with your goals 📈​
As a design intern, you've had a blast learning from the pros, sitting in on ideation sessions, and contributing to actual projects. You love working with your team and lead designers, and the feeling seems mutual. Wouldn't it be great to join the team as a full-time designer? A study shows that interns' offer rate is 70%, with 80% accepting the job. Ready to turn that internship into a full-time design job? Our speakers will share their top tips and discuss how you can effectively transition from being an intern to getting hired officially as a full-time designer?

14 Apr 2022 (Online)
UX Design Talks
Career in UX
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