STACK-X Meetup: UX/UI Design by the International Community

Organized by STACK-X
Online Talk on 15 Oct 2021


In STACK-X’s first ever international event with the tech community in US, we proudly present STACK-X Meetup: UI/UX Design by the International Community.

This Meetup welcomes overseas Singaporeans and the local UX/UI community to gather and discuss the fast-evolving role of design, UX research for diversity and inclusivity, and more.

Eyung, Director for Digital Design & Development in GovTech will kickstart the session by giving an overview of GovTech's UX efforts.

Fellow GovTechies Fala and Liren will share how we support the social service sector with SupportGoWhere which enables individuals and families to find essential schemes and services online, minimising the need to visit agencies in person. Liren's Lightning Talk will then centre around the challenges and insights from designing inclusively during the research period for the diverse groups who use our products and solutions.

Sean from DesignMap will also give an industry perspective on the evolution of what gets designed and for whom it is designed, over the years. He examines the history and current trends of this evolution to speculate what will happen next and how, we as designers, can imagine and deliver a better future with our partners. Sean will share how the framework to explore the way design is evolving, can be structured along four aspects of industry, process, concept, and artifact.

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