SGUnited Skills Programme in UX Design and Product Management


This 6-month course has been designed by industry professionals to cover the key aspects of UX Design and Product Management, to enable graduates to excel in a career in this exciting and highly in-demand field.

You will gain essential hands-on experience in how to research and define users, build and test low to high fidelity prototypes, understand how HCD and UX is applied in digital products, and learn all of the key tools and frameworks for UX and product management roles to launch a successful career.

UX Design and Product Management combines problem solving, creativity, empathy, logic and technical skill to create digital experiences that meet the needs of customers and enable and maintain a positive connection to a company’s brand.

Throughout the course, learners will learn all of the key aspects of the UX design process, including UX research, planning, UI design, wireframing, prototyping, and testing. Learners will also learn the foundations of product management, including Scrum and Agile, providing them with the core skills to work in product design teams in a start-up, agency, and product company settings.

UX Design Courses
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