Know Thy Customers: An Introduction to UX Research

Organized by General Assembly
Online Talk on 7 Sep 2021


UX (User Experience) research is an integral part of the design process. With UX research, brands are able to discover exactly what the user needs and create an optimal end product based on the findings. Plus, believe it or not, UX research is actually applicable to any stage of the design process where valuable insights are required to guide a design decision.

Some common UX Research methods include interviews, observations, usability testing, and A/B testing. As with most types of research, UX research too is usually divided into two camps: qualitative and quantitative research. Combined together, these techniques will help you better identify and understand user behaviour, needs and goals to improve overall experience for your users. But with such a wide range of research methods to choose from, where do you get started?

We have the answer for you! Our UX research expert will share with you best practices around some of the more common research methods, how you should decide on your research strategy to align with your design goals, and tips on how to then successfully utilise your findings to create a design that is set for success.

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