It's Not a Marathon, It's a Design Sprint


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What is a design sprint and why are so many big businesses like Google, Airbnb and Slack adopting them as the go-to way to bring digital products to life? We will break down a design sprint that focuses on finding the best solutions for innovation and design thinking. Not every solution will look the same for every company.
Join us as we discuss design sprint process, what aspects you can use even with a smaller team, and some real world examples of ways the process can be adjusted to fit different organizations.
What You’ll Take Away:
Attendees will take away an understanding of what the day to day process of a week-long design sprint looks like and how to adjust it best for your team's needs.
Why It Matters:
Design sprints are one of the hottest design thinking and innovation tools being used today.
This is a 1hr pre-recorded session, no preparation is required. You can watch in your own time.

16 May 2022 (Online)
UX Design Talks
Design Sprints
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