How to Run Effective Design Sprints


Design sprint is a popular process aimed to answer critical questions through understanding customer problems, developing an effective prototype, and surfacing actionable insights from users. The ultimate expected outcome of a design sprint is creating and testing ideas quickly in order to highlight possible issues.

The biggest benefit of an effective design sprint is that it enables collaborative and open conversations among team members so companies can be more agile. For companies that are pressed for time and money, design sprints are perfect to shorten the product development timeline from months to weeks or even days.

Join us in this event as our panel of experts discuss popular methodologies to facilitate an effective design sprint, common pitfalls and how to avoid them, and action items after a design sprint. Learn more about the beauty of a design sprint and how they can be used by businesses of all sizes in various industries to stimulate innovation and produce a satisfying product or service that meets all demands.

22 Feb 2022 (Online)
UX Design Talks
Design Sprints
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