Finding the Balance - UX Vs. Business Goals

Organized by General Assembly
Online Talk on 2 Sep 2021


If companies only focus on business objectives and ignore user experience, they risk losing their customers in the long run. On the other hand, if businesses focus solely on providing good UX, they might end up missing out on profitable business opportunities. Too much of one thing is never good and the same applies here. Creating a good user experience for customers’ without losing focus on end business goals is the key to long term success.

But can you truly balance the two? It is true that the core goal of UX design is to meet customer needs and enhance their satisfaction while the main objective of a business is to increase sales and revenue. These goals do tend to clash at times, for example when you have to decide how easy or hard it should be to cancel a subscription or whether you should include a pop up on the page. Navigating such situations isn’t easy, but we have some tips that might just make this a little simpler.

Join us and our UX experts as they explore the core values of UX and the importance of business metrics for an organisation. Learn how to quantify the impact of UX on overall business goals and align UX projects for the desired business outcomes.

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