All Roads Lead to Rome: Unconventional Career Paths to UX


The terms "UI/UX" probably sound really familiar as we see an increasing number of companies and industries turning their focus towards customer satisfaction and retention. Linkedin reported that the number of UX Design hires in 2020 increased by five times compared to the previous year. However, brands are gradually shifting towards specialist roles such as user researchers, interaction designers, service designers, UI designers, etc.

Given the maturing industry, employers have a better understanding of who can excel in UX. So, even if you are an entry-level hire, there are limitless opportunities to dive deep into this field and its many branches of specialisation including UX writing, product design, information architecture, etc. Regardless of your current background and experience, it will definitely come in handy one way or another!

Join us in this event as we bring you through an array of unique career paths to UX, various roles in UX, and how to leverage your non-UX background to stand out and break into this burgeoning field. Learn to spot positions that are better suited to your experience so that you can make a successful career transition into this industry!

26 Jan 2022 (Online)
UX Design Talks
Career in UX
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