Framing Problems to Build Deeper Understanding

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What problem are we trying to solve? is a great question to ask, but teams usually need help with answering this question properly. Problem framing (and re-framing) is a skill that will help you build empathy with your customers, extract insight from research, unlock more innovative ideas, and improve shared understanding and buy-in from your team and stakeholders.

This online workshop is suited to design teams, product managers, team leaders or business owners. It starts by diving into the nature of problems, and how to use smart questions early on to avoid superficial problem statements and lacklustre solutions. You'll then learn a range of methods to use with your team (in-person or online), to create deeper understanding of problems and greater creativity in tackling them.


In this workshop we will cover:

  • Smart questions: how to have more productive discussions with management and stakeholders when it comes to framing up opportunities and goals, especially when you've 'inherited' an existing problem statement
  • Critical thinking skills: how to harness a group's subject matter expertise and experience in framing (or re-framing) a problem space successfully, including root cause analysis, perspective analysis and impact analysis
  • Persuasion: how to communicate the problem to be tackled in more compelling insightful ways, especially for problem statements, business cases and presentations to stakeholders


Think about a particular product/service/business problem you are trying to tackle at the moment; you can work on that problem during this class.

This workshop will be completely live and online. In preparation, please download Zoom.

This session will not be recorded, however slides will be shared following the class.

26 May 2022 (Online)
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