DT|UX Summit 2022


As the world reopens after the pandemic, communities are reconnecting and expanding their network beyond borders. This transition has brought out many innovative success stories – reigniting the human-ness in our interactions and redefining the value that enterprises can bring to their users.
Navigating New Frontiers – Helming the Waves of Disruption is the theme of this year’s DT|UX Summit @ Singapore Polytechnic. Introducing thought leaders and industry champions who have leveraged innovative solutions to redesign meaningful experiences to improve the way that we live our lives, expand our businesses and digitalize the way we work.
Join our panel of speakers who are excited to share their views on synergizing the core essence of human experiences as we embark on the future of work and business.

16 Sep 2022 (In-Person)
Singapore Polytechnic, Singapore Polytechnic Convention Centre (SPCC), 500 Dover Rd, Singapore 139651
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