DT|UX Summit 2021

Organized by Singapore Polytechnic
Online Conference on 17 Sep 2021


2021 opens up an array of possibilities as the world starts to unpause and reboot. As we transit from pandemic to endemic and navigate through a new normal, the human spirit adapts and re-learn the ways of how to live, work and play. This unfamiliar hybrid world poses unprecedented challenges and unlocks new opportunities for businesses and organisations to transform the ways of engagement with their users,  both in the physical and digital worlds.

“Being Human in a Hybrid World – Centralising the Human Experience in a Phygital World” is this theme of this year’s DT|UX Summit @ Singapore Polytechnic. It explores how we can make sense of this hybridity of work and life and what it takes to bridge the gaps and overcome the challenges  in these times of volatility. What are some good strategies and case studies that we can learn from? What are the tools and framework we can adopt to address user’s pain points?

JOIN OUR LIVE STREAMING of a panel of speakers who are excited to share their views on strategies in preserving the core essence of human experience as we navigate the Phygital world. Our panel comprises accomplished UX designers/practitioners from a wide range of fields, such as technology, education, food & beverage, retail and consumer products.

Receive 30 days of access to the recordings of the exciting plenary sessions and the insightful afternoon workshops via the event site. So whether your want to join us live on the 17th or at your leisure in the next 30 days, register now!

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