Data Science Essentials for UX Designers

Organized by General Assembly
Online Event on 6 Sep 2021


As design teams seek to hit that fine note which will make a website or app ideally user-centric, pairing UX practitioners and researchers with data analysts could eliminate plenty of unnecessary and often inaccurate guesswork and fine-tune both the creative process and its outcome.

Data can help design teams to create sites, apps, products and services that are not only beautiful but functional and which trigger a distinct and desirable response from the user, such as pushing the intended buttons leading to a purchase or filling in their e-mail address. A well-designed site or mobile app gets visitors to stay longer, generates more shares, ultimately converting into more business. Similarly, a well-designed product or service leads to higher purchase and usage rate and customer satisfaction, which can translate to repeat purchases and higher retention.

In this workshop, you’ll get an introduction to how data science can help UX designers to do quantitative research and to discover new patterns, trends, and solutions, and find opportunities for creative solutions within specific user segments.. You will also learn about the most essential data science tools and how best to take advantage of them to improve your UX processes.


  • How Data Science can improve UX Design
  • Introduction to data visualisation & storytelling tools
  • Data-driven approaches to design layout/content
  • Tools to do data science: supervised vs. unsupervised learning, AI vs. Machine Learning vs. Deep Learning


This workshop will be completely live and online. In preparation, please download Zoom and Slack.

Please note: This session will not be recorded, however slides will be shared following the class.

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